Oak & LInden

Our story

The name Oak & Linden comes from the symbolism that these two trees hold in Latvian culture, and their personal importance to the creators of Oak & Linden Photography, Gwen and Vilnis.

These trees carry deep spiritual significance and still hold their place in the practical and spiritual lives of the Latvian people. 

The merging of Oak and of Linden is also symbolic of the partnership between Vilnis and Gwen. 
They traveled to Latvia together in 2018, fell in love with the landscape and its people, and dream of returning one day.


About Us


 With an emphasis on wildlife, nature, and macro photography, this site serves as a venue for sharing with the world precious moments captured in the outdoors.


Vilnis' Latvian heritage instilled in him a reverence for the outdoors from an early age. Although raised in the city, he spent his childhood in the Ontario Muskokas helping to build his family's cottage, a process which took roughly twenty years. Many of the photographs from this site feature the land and natural wonders that are found on the cottage property. 
His passion involves sharing with the world the many amazing things to be found in nature, that you will never see within the confines of a city. 
An avid adventurist and canoeist, Vilnis has spent time in the B.C backcountry, where he was lucky enough to encounter many types of wildlife and study the lush landscapes found in this part of the country. 

Gwen grew up on a small hobby farm in the Lake Simcoe region of Ontario. She is a licensed falconer, hunting small game with a red-tailed hawk and american kestrel. She is also a forestry/urban forestry/arboricultural technician.

Gwen found her passion for photography when she was 12 by accidentally taking macro shots of various plant and animal life. She focuses much of her energy on highlighting the hidden treasures of the forest through her style of photography.